Thanks to our comprehensive range of versatile products, we are well-equipped to provide creative and innovative lighting solutions. We offer Standard products for quick specification, Made-to-Measure for customisable solutions and Bespoke luminaires for unique projects. We work with designers from concept to completion to ensure you get value for money.


In this constantly evolving world we partner with key technology companies and manufacturers in the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UAE, to provide the best service possible. No matter the size of the project or ambition of the designers, we work closely with our partners to bring the most innovative and forward-thinking lighting solutions to life.


For over 60 years we have been designing, manufacturing and delivering the finest lighting products to a wide range of international projects. From Standard to Bespoke, you are in control of your lighting scheme. Our attention to detail in the design, specification, performance and durability of lighting, will give you the confidence to design freely.


Every project is assigned to a dedicated project sales manager who ensures the process runs smoothly, supported by a large team including Product Designers, Electrical Engineers, Lighting Designers and more. Our sales team can guide you through our product range to find a tailored solution, backed up by our after-sales support team.



With 40 years of unparalleled expertise in high-quality plaster moulding and lighting, Atelier Sedap creates the finest luxury plaster lighting on the market, complemented by the latest innovations in light technology.


Aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaires from Lightnet, specialists in professional building illumination. Lightnet is a leading German lighting manufacturer with more than 300 members of staff at five locations, controlling over 12,000 square metres of production area.



A leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, Xicato’s innovations produced the LED module category. Xicato’s LED modules are simple yet elegant, featuring a form, fit and function that make them virtually future-proof and easy to integrate into a family of luminaires. Delivering accurate color and efficient light enables the spaces in which they’re installed to look as good years from now as the day they’re first illuminated.


Philips Lighting has everything you need to create an innovative luminaire, combining the best quality drivers and modules with pioneering technology and a full range of support services. As a leading innovator in lighting, Philips offer you an open platform to build connected lighting systems, and provide a full range of products so you can build luminaire applications for office, industry, outdoor and retail.


Helvar is a specialist in intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions. Their extensive range of products, including lighting controls and luminaire components, can be used as single components or combined into lighting systems to achieve smart solutions. These solutions allow customers to deliver not only vastly improved energy efficiency but enhanced human comfort, mood and productivity with lighting.



By taking the complicated and making it simple, Acoulite energize spaces through smart design, elevating your commercial office or residence. Offering turnkey and bespoke lighting and acoustic solutions to clients in Dubai and throughout the Gulf, Acoulite have built an extensive portfolio. With offices in Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur and an international network of distribution specialists, Acoulite delivers functional yet eco-conscious lighting solutions as well as acoustic products. Focusing on cutting-edge functionality without compromising on the aesthetics.