Optelma Lights Vedanta

Optelma Lights Vedanta

Caspar Atherton / 16 / 07 / 19

Optelma worked in partnership with lighting design consultant Nulty, office fit-out specialists Modus, and interior designer DaeWha Kang, to create the lighting scheme for the new London headquarters of Vedanta, a global mining and metal company.

The 860sqm flexible executive space in Mayfair, which comprises boardroom, offices, meeting rooms and a hall of mirrors, transforms into a large open-plan events space. Designed by Nulty, the architectural lighting solution plays a key role in this transformation, offering the versatility required to illuminate an ever-changing workspace. This carefully considered scheme provides excitement and drama, using hidden light sources to illuminate the dark surfaces and textured materials within the space.

In the reception, Optelma’s Quad 100 Flat profile, mounted into a shadow-gap at the edge of the wall, creates a wash of light down the timber panelling. The Philips Fortimo LED light source, with its high CRI, ensures that the deep colours and textures of the wood and marble surfaces are revealed. The dark brown of the walls provides a low vertical illuminance, making the environment easy on the eyes, while meeting the required lux levels on the floor and working plane.

The multi-purpose space takes the form of a hallway of mirrors. At the end of the hallway, banquette seating incorporates integral linear uplights – the Graze 2 mini profile from Optelma. With a 38 W/m, high CRI linear LED, this effectively illuminates the walls and window reveals.

Commenting on the success of the project Phil Copland, Senior Lighting Designer, Nulty said: ‘At Vedanta, the flexibility of the space allowed us to create something very special – something you wouldn’t find in ‘standard’ office lighting design. The lighting supplied by Optelma helped to realise the design intent by creating a sophisticated feel, with low-energy products that are also easy to maintain.’

CLIENT: Vedanta
INTERIOR DESIGN: Modus / DaeWha Kang
PHOTOGRAPHY: © James French